Timeshare Lies And Deceit!

Timeshare Lies and Deceit!

Many timeshare salespeople will say just about anything to get a sale —in fact, many are trained to tell lies! These misrepresentations are from the stories of real timeshare owners.

Some of these may apply to your experience; if they do—you should include them in any complaint letter you write!

Make sure you specify what the salespeople said—quote them if possible. Remember, use strong language like, “They lied to me when they promised…” rather than the passive and weak “we were told” or “it was promised to us.”


Here are some typical lies used in timeshare sales presentations:

  • They told me that the timeshare was an investment and that it would appreciate like real estate.
  • They told me that the timeshare was real estate or that I was purchasing something other than a timeshare (like a vacation plan).
  • They told me that the area where I was purchasing would soon be a new development property and that by purchasing now I would obtain the best deal.
  • They told me the meeting would last a specific time (i.e., go minutes) but it lasted far longer.
  • They told me that a new water park (or theme park or retail development) was being built next to my property, which would increase the value of my timeshare.
  • They told me that I could, with their help, rent the timeshare for a profit.
  • They told me that I could make money by selling the timeshare later.
  • They told me that the company had a buy-back program for the timeshare if I wasn’t satisfied.
  • They told me that friends and family could use my timeshare instead of me without additional fees.
  • They told me that I would be able to exchange property locations at any time and go anywhere (with or without fees).
  • They told me that the maintenance fee would never increase.
  • They told me that the maintenance fee would increase only in small increments.
  • They told me that I could eliminate maintenance fees with owner referrals.
  • They told me to lie about/ or forged my income on a credit application.
  • They told me to lie and say that I was a homeowner on my application.
  • They lied to me about the prices and terms of membership.
  • They told me that I would be attending an update to discuss questions when it was actually a timeshare sales presentation. (Also called a policy change meeting, owner’s update meeting, owner’s dinner, or policy change meeting).
  • They told me that if I did not purchase that day the offer would expire.
  • I was shown hand-written charts or diagrams to support false rental increases, low maintenance fees, future value, etc.
  • They told me that the resort or representatives of the resort would sell previously owned timeshares on my behalf.
  • They told me that I could use my points to purchase airfare, cruises, car rentals, and other amenities.
  • They told me that I would be assigned a personal account manager-coordinator who turned out to never be available.
  • They told me that I had to buy more points because my fixed-week timeshare (Personal Interval Choice or PIC) was converting to a points based program and my week would now be useless.
  • They told me that I had missed out on a special offer that had been extended to all owners.
  • They told me that I could write off the timeshare interest or the timeshare itself on my taxes.
  • They told me that I could refinance my timeshare with my personal bank and get a lower interest rate.
  • They told me that I could earn a living using a rental program.
  • They told me that the maintenance fees at my specific resort would increase and that I needed to purchase elsewhere and upgrade in order to keep a lower maintenance fee.
  • They told me that in order to have reservation power I would need to own a certain level of membership (VIP, Platinum, Presidential Reserve).
  • They told me that the point amount I purchased would give me my sales representative’s offer to pay my fees for me in order to get me to sign the contract.
  • They told me that I was not enrolled in programs that I really was in order to make a bigger purchase.
  • They told me that I could not cancel the contract.
  • My contract was not canceled within the legal rescission period even after I turned in the correct cancellation paperwork.
  • They told me to wait for a membership package (with identification or membership number) before using my timeshare, thus delaying my possible cancellation.
  • They told me that I was buying a timeshare at a resort that does not exist.
  • They told me that I was purchasing a timeshare in one location when I was actually purchasing in another location.
  • I was subjected to high-pressure sales or felt that I could not leave the presentation without purchasing the timeshare.
  • A line of credit was opened in my name without my knowledge.
  • They told me that in order to get the price they were offering, I had to write a letter to a fictitious person at their corporate office.


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